America Bombs ISIS With Allies

Early in the morning on 23rd September the United States and its Arab allies Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Qatar hit ISIS or Deash targets in Syria according to CNN. This attack was a combination of fighter bombers and cruise missile attacks. The Deash a name the Islamic State dislikes must now has to rethink its strategy because it has lost all its mobility because of this attack.

Earlier it was perceived the air attack by the Americans will only be in the confines of Iraqi territory but the strike on the city Syrian city of Raqqa has totally disproved this notion. Because this attack was a joint effort the pressure to get rid of Deash will now increase tenfold and the noose will get very tight around their neck.

This attack comes on the eve of President Obama giving his annual speech to the UN tomorrow where he will be outlining his strategy and will try to build more consensuses to combat the threat from Deash. Though the attacks have been carried out over Syrian soil and Russia a traditional ally has condemned but in reality they have no problem as their interest coincide. But the long term fear is the safety of the Bshar al-Assad.

However no such problem emanated from Britain and the British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said, "The UK supports the airstrikes launched by the U.S. and regional allies last night," said on his Twitter handle. But the real achievement was the involvement of the four Sunni controlled states and the support the US has received. Also this attack has received the blessing of the religious heads of in Islam.

Last week General Martin Dempsey while testifying in the Senate said "We will be prepared to strike ISIL targets in Syria that degrade ISIL's capabilities." Also "this won't look like a shock-and-awe campaign, because that's simply not how ISIL is organized, but it will be a persistent and sustainable campaign.”

Hadi Bahra who is the head of the western backed Syrian opposition said in a statement “tonight, the international community has joined our fight against ISIS in Syria," he further added "we have called for airstrikes such as those that commenced tonight with a heavy heart and deep concern, as these strikes begin in our own homeland. We insist that utmost care is taken to avoid civilian casualties."

Hopefully some serious ground offensive after the air attack will help build more pressure on Deash and the people who have suffered so much under their cruel and puritanical rule may soon breathe freedom from oppression.