American and Israeli Victims of 26/11 terror attack seek 688 Million in Compensation

Attorneys James P Kreindler and Andrew J Maloney who have filed this lawsuit said on behalf of the victims “The Mumbai terrorist attack was organized and executed by LeT a terror organization based in Pakistan.” They said “the attack received support from an American citizen, David Headley who was responsible for selecting key targets where maximum number of foreigners, specifically Americans frequented. The Oberoi Hotel and the Taj Mahal Hotel was a prime target because it was frequented by foreigners, and eye witness accounts from surviving hostages clearly mentioned the terrorist looked and asked for American and British passport-holders.”

The attacks which were carried out that day took the lives of 166 people in the city of Mumbai making it one of the most brazen terror attacks in history. The complicity of Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) in providing logistical support has been categorically proven by India. However the mastermind behind this sinister attack Hafiz Saeed is still moving freely even after a 10 million dollar bounty on his head by America.

The attorneys for the plaintiffs also said “over time LeT had assumed several aliases, including Markaz-ud-Dawa, Idara Khidmat-e-Khalq and Tehrik-e-Tahaffuz-e-Qibla Awal, but the most infamous and known alias remains LeT,"  and "the Mumbai terrorist attack was planned, funded and  organized by LeT.”

The lawyers have argued a “Trial by Jury” and “default judgment” against JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, LeT commander Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Sajid Majid, Azam Cheema and two other Pakistani nationals Major Iqbal and Major Sameer Ali the men who planned and carried out this attack. However it would be next to impossible to bring these people to justice because they enjoy the protection of the Powerful Pakistan military, who use them as proxy to deny any accountability of direct involvement.