Beat the Humidity this Summer with 5 Hacks this Summer

It's not a wonder that summer is remembered for the warm glow and much sunshine, and also sometimes it gets bad rap pesky beauty issues in which humidity is the one. Just when you thought that you had the great routing for your hair care, but then you get your frizzy hair which is much greasy and not able to be managed. If your hairs also face this kind of situation every summer, then follow these hacks for your hair and beat the humidity:

Wrap your hair:

In the summertime, caring for the curly or the wavy hairs is a big struggle.. This is the reason you can make your hair flopping. This is the best technique which includes the wrapping up your hair in the cotton towel or just t-shirt which can easily reduce the frizz and give you the natural hair texture. For doing this, apply some condition on your hair and leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it and then wrap your hairs. Leave your wrapped hair for almost 20 minutes and then use the dryer for making them dry. This technique will surely reduce the frizz and give the natural bounce to the hair.


Keep the Hair Cool:

If you prefer warm bath during the season of summer, do use one tweak in your routine of showering these months. When you are done with the tweak, you can rinse your hair with the use of cold water in the right direction from scalp to end. This will seal the outer layer of hair such that moisture as well as nutrients from hair stay and do their wonder. This technique for the hair also eliminates the frizz and keep your scalp cool such that the humidity does not affect.

Use right shampoo:

Use the right shampoo according to hair, if your hairs are healthy then try to use the nourishing shampoo with the conditioner. Also before washing your hair with shampoo make sure to nourish your hair with coconut oil or other which helps in making it smooth and reduces the dryness of the hair.


Scrub the hair:

Not only the length of hair get affected by the humidity but also the scalp gets affected by it. This, make your hair sweat much due to grime collected on the scalp. To eliminate this, opt for the natural scrub for your scalp, So this one time a well and exfoliate your scalp gently. 

Dry Your Hair Well:

This summer use the sleek blow dry only when it is needed otherwise it is not recommended. Use the blow dryer in the right direction, ie, use it from the scalp to the end and this reduced the frizzing. Just try to make a balance between cool and warm to make your hairstyle well.