Big Trouble In Little China

China may be in the mood for expanding its territory and influence but all is not well when it comes to the ongoing protest in Hong Kong where the people would simply not put up with cherry picked candidates of Beijing. This is a problem which is now being compared to the infamous Tiananmen Square protest.

Back in 1989 the protest almost shook the foundation of communist China and after heavy crackdown did the Chinese manage to get control. But the issue of freedom and democracy long enjoyed in Hong Kong under the British rule simply would not fade away.

In 1989 there was no internet and no one had even heard about social media and that is proving to be the main problem for the Chinese authorities because they are not able to stop the information flowing out of Hong Kong into China.

With major networks like CNN and BBC keeping a very close tab on what is happening in Hong Kong the stringent censorship methods used by China is simply not working. The good news is, even though the protests have come close to taking violent shape, there has yet to be any fatalities, which by all measure is a tremendous achievement on the part of the Chinese security forces. They are only using pepper spray and tear gas which is an ironic combination but still much better than those tanks used back in 1989.

All social media in mainland China is now under full censorship and news of dissent is not reaching to quell any such movement. Social medium like Instagram is under total blackout which has made many people angry in China. This ongoing struggle in Hong Kong is perhaps the most challenging period for the Chinese Communist party because they are dealing with unarmed Democratic Activist.