Black Money in Billions of Dollars Still Leave India

As the new government tries to bring black money into India which has been stashed abroad, an international think-tank has ranked the country third globally with an estimated USD 94.76 billion (nearly Rs 6 lakh crore) illicit wealth outflows in 2012 according to latest reports from Press Trust of India. it is estimated over 100 billion dollars have been moved to foreign banks in the last 10 years and one does not need an imagination to realize what we could have achieved if this had not happened.

The research was done by a Washington based think tank and advocacy group. We has a nation was plundered by the British for nearly 200 years but what is very sad is after independence it is our own people the ruling class who started stealing from us. Now it is up to the government to bring this ill-gotten wealth back to India and help the poor and the needy. If we manage to bring even half of the amount so many development projects could kick start immediately.

We as a nation suffer from so many social ills and black money is one of the top reasons. When money earmarked for people do not reach them it affects them profoundly and pushes them deeper into poverty. This issue of Black Money must be resolved and the people who have stolen from us must face the justice of our country.