Boat Carrying Explosive Blows itself near Gujarat Coast

According to latest reports from NDTV a boat, reportedly from Pakistan, blew itself up off the Gujarat coast on New Year's Eve and all people on board are dead. According to reports they were four people on the boat and after extensive search by the Indian Coast Guard no survivors have been found.

After the boat was spotted the coast guard ship deemed the fishing vessel as suspicious and then intercepted after a nearly one hour chase but before they could get close the ship blew near the coast of Porbandar. Earlier the Coast Guard fired at the boat to warn it to stop but it is possible the explosives were detonated deliberately to avoid being captured.

Intelligence agencies had inputs on New Year's Eve that a boat had sailed from near Karachi to carry out what sources described as "an illicit transaction" in the Arabian Sea, about 350 kms south west of Porbandar in Gujarat. At midnight the Indian Coast Guard launched an operation using ships and a Dornier aircraft equipped with latest night tracking sensors to locate the fishing boat. It took three hours before the boat was located, and a Coast Guard ship that was patrolling the area was sent to intercept.

To stop the ship the Coast Guard fired warning shots at the boat, but they tried to escape by speeding away, however after a one hour chase the men on board ignited the explosive. Due to bad weather condition it will take some time to salvage the remains of the ship.

Back in 2008 an Indian fishing boat which was captured by Pakistan sailed into Mumbai with 10 terrorists on board who then split into pairs and struck the city's landmarks which led to the killing of 166 people which has now become a threat scenario for many nations who have taken measures to counter such attacks in their own nation.