British United

The vote to stay or separate from United Kingdom started at 01:00 GMT and by 5.30 in the morning it was conformed, Scotland will stay with the UK with 55% voting to stay and 45% seeking separation according to British Broadcasting Corporation. People came out in very large number to vote and after counting the results from the 32 council areas were done, the result was a comprehensive victory for No supports.

But just because the Scottish Nationalist Party lost does not mean all is well the SNP leader Mr. Alex Salmond asked the British Prime Minister David Cameron to full fill all the commitment which was made before the referendum and the  British PM said "We will ensure that those commitments are honored in full."

This referendum was perhaps one of the most trying times in recent UK history but as of now the Union remains intact. Draft legislation will only happen in January next year with regards to new powers over tax, spending and welfare. Also Wales and Northern Ireland will have a far bigger say over their affairs the PM announced. He further said "In Wales there are proposals to give the Welsh Government and Assembly more powers and I want Wales to be at the heart of the debate on how to make the United Kingdom work for all our nations."

Alex Salmond who was the force behind the referendum and who is also Scotland’s first Minister said "Whatever else we can say about this referendum campaign, we have touched sections of the community who have never before been touched by politics, these sections of the community have touched us and touched the political process and I don't think that will ever be allowed to go back to business as usual in politics again."

Speaking to his supporters a very emotional Mr. Salmond said "Over the last few weeks we have seen a scare and a fear of enormous proportions - not a scaremongering directed at the Scottish people but the scare and the fear at the heart of the Westminster establishment as they realise the mass movement of people that was going forward in Scotland.

"Today of all days as we bring Scotland together, let us not dwell on the distance we have fallen short, let us dwell on the distance we have travelled and have confidence the movement is abroad in Scotland that will take this nation forward and we shall go forward as one nation."

For the time being it seems everything is back to normal and the British PM must be relaxing after a very trying week of political maneuvering. But the real hero to emerge from all is former PM Gordon Brown who many say was the key in keeping the union safe