car bomb kills 35 people yemen

A car bomb exploded outside a Yemeni police college in Sanaa on Wednesday, killing 31 people and wounding dozens according to latest from Reuters News Agency. This is the second attack less than a week after a devastating suicide bombing south of the capital. Things have become very violent in Yemen ever since in September when the Shi'ite Muslim Houthi militia seized Sanaa which led to sectarian conflict.

Also with so many of its operative killed or captured in Pakistan Al Qaeda decided to move to the Arabian Peninsula and formed AQAP, and carried out attacks across Yemen before the Houthi advance and has carried out more bombings and shootings. The health ministry said 64 people were wounded by the powerful explosion which sent a large plume of smoke into the sky above a heavily congested part of the city near the central bank and defense ministry. The U.S. embassy in Yemen condemned the attack, saying it showed the "nihilistic vision and depravity of terror groups operating in Yemen".

Yemen's army in tandem with concerted U.S. drone strikes did manage to kill many militants but the militants have sympathy from some Sunni tribes who give them protection and refuge so that makes the job of the security forces  very difficult. The fear is if Yemen is destabilized them it will give AQAP opportunities to strike outside of Yemen since this country shares a very long border with Saudi Arabia.