Bill Cosby has been accused 5th time of Rape and sexual assault and this time by an ex super model and the judge of America’s Next Top Model realty show Janice Dickinson. She has revealed it in an interview given to ET ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and mentioned that after the incident, life to her was like hurting herself every day. She is not alone when it comes to being sexually assaulted by the comedian. There were other reported cases and allegations of sexual abuse and improper behavior by Bill Cosby which includes the names of Andrea Constand, Barbara Bowman and Tamara Green.


The comedian has been facing all such accusations since 1980’s. There are messages being circulated as well which state ‘One thing is missing in his book, the timeline of the rape and assaults’, as mentioned by Matt Giles. A piece written by Tracie Egan Morissey of Vice about the encounter with Cosby on Lake Tahoe California in 1982 and the same incident has a mention in his memoir that reads ‘No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel”.


The entire story from the encounter to the assault seems to have been scripted as Cosby met her and positioned himself as mentor. He also introduced her to a music director encouraged her for her screening as a singer. She mentioned in the interview that she was drugged and tried to touch her on her private parts. She also mentioned that she resisted and raised the voice and he asked her if that was the result of all that he had done for her. Looking at the rage against Bill Cosby, Netflix has decided to postpone the new standup comedy special ‘Bill Cosby 77’ which was to be launched on Thanks Giving.