Dilma Rousseff Wins Re-Election In Brazil

Brazil's leftist President Dilma Rousseff narrowly won re-election on Sunday after convincing voters that her party's strong record of reducing poverty over the last 12 years was more important than a recent economic slump according to Times of India.

This is perhaps one of the most closely fought elections in Brazil and anywhere in the world because both candidates performed brilliantly. The incumbent Roussef received just over 51% and her opponent Aecio Neves received over 48% of the votes. Free and fare elections are usually a luxury in South America which is known for banana republics and dictators. But these elections in Brazil are a testament of a new, vibrant and active democracy in the biggest country in South America.

The new term for President Roussef starts after New Year and it will a be a very bumpy ride for her because the economy is slow and there are numerous corruption charges which her current government is facing. She is known for taking tough and drastic decisions at times which tends to be not very popular but has so far worked in her favor. She successfully hosted the 2014 world cup and now the eyes of the world will be on Brazil again when it hosts the 2016 Olympic Games.