A Documentary That Defines Brutality

BBC is adamant on tarnishing India’s reputation by telecasting the banned documentary on its portal even after the request made in the parliament of India by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh. What is the urgency of showcasing the brutality happened to one of the daughters of India? ‘India’s Daughter’ is the name of the documentary which is now preponed to be shown to the world. To add to the pleasure that the documentary derives from the mind of the rapist, they have given a Wahtsapp number for discussion and feedback. What is happening to the world? Why is India approving it of in the first place? This is high time we stopped such documentary that denigrates our land’s reputation to the world.

The previous government did a blunder by allowing the interviewer to get the interview done and the worst is that they did not even ask for the submission of an unedited version of the documentary. BBC is making fun of a brutal incident that shook India completely. We have not even come out of the grief and this black pepper to the injury is enough to let us know that we, India, do not matter, our courts order does not matter, nor does the request of our Home Ministry.

I am not against any documentary that opens our eyes and educates us, but the purpose of this documentary is unknown. This is simply made to entertain the majority of people those who enjoy watching gory incidents and listen to someone’s ordeal. A documentary is shot with a purpose to let the world know of something that they are not aware of. And this video describes each activity in graphics to let users visualize the gory scene. They have mentioned all the internal and external injuries of the victim. The documentary should have been made with a pious purpose. This is just done in order to seek the attention of the world. And what was the hurry of preponing the release on BBC Four and on its portal.

The interviewer mentions shamelessly that she got to know the minutest details of the RAPE, word-by-word. How can someone derive pleasure out of the graphics details of a heinous deed and also by showing it to the people?  India should stand united to protest. The government should ban the portal and put a check on video sharing (this documentary). This is an open secret that the movie would be available on all the movie sharing sites for free and users would be able to watch it in a day or two. I have been watching BBC documentaries for years, but today I am very disheartened looking at the extremism.

This is going to portrait Indian men as rapist across the globe as the rapist mentions in video that ….I am embarrassed to even repeat that. What would happen to the family members of the girl/s who have been raped and when the listen or see the brutal graphics of what had happened to their daughter and sisters or friends? Have respect and show courtesy, STOP THE RELEASE of the video.