Dozens of ISIS fighters killed in Kobani

Forty-one Islamic State militants were killed in the Syrian border town of Kobani with air support provided by the U.S.-led which has helped local Kurdish Peshmerga forces push the group to the city's edges according to latest report from Reuters news agency which got information from a monitoring group said.

Kobani is predominantly Kurdish town, known as Ayn al-Arab in Arabic, close to the Turkish border and for ISIS it has become a matter of pride to capture this city which also has much strategic value. However ISIS has lost many fighters and Kobani has become the new rallying point to defeating this terror menace. But still they persist on keep attacking this city even after suffering much causality.

Also over the last few months America has taken more active role by making concerted air bombings and special operations. However the continues attack by Islamic State fighters have taken its toll and many civilians and Kurdish fighters have died. However it seems Kobani could very well be the turning point in defeating ISIS