With the Ebola virus spreading havoc all over West Africa American President Barack Obama has declared that the fight against Ebola is “top national security priority" according to Times of India.

This announcement was made after he was briefed by Dr Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With this new initiative there will be increased vigil by authorities for the screening of this virus at airports both in America and in West Africa.

This virus has already killed over 3400 people and further 7500 are infected which would make this a great humanitarian crisis according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

Dr Thomas Frieden gave an interview to CNN in which he said “We’re looking at all of the options,” Frieden said. “We want to do something that protects Americans, not something that either is done for show or something that won’t have an impact. ... Part of that means making sure we don’t do anything that will make it harder for us to stop the outbreak in West Africa.”

The problem with Ebola is that it can infect people with many different means. Ebola can be transmitted through physical contact with infected bodily fluids such as blood, feces and vomit. Also if women who is still breastfeeding her child if infected can pass the virus to her child. Also it can be found in urine and semen. The World Health Organization said Monday the virus can sustain itself in semen for at least 10 full weeks.

That is why with so many reasons for the spread of this virus the President Obama is not taking any chances and considers this outbreak in Africa a threat to American National Security.