Even After Hostage Crises Sydney Strong

The hostage crisis in Sydney Australia has ended but unfortunately two innocent civilians also died in this tragedy along with the lone Hostage taker Haron Monis a self styled sheikh according to Agence France-Presse. It is right now unknown who or how the two hostages died. But in all this confusion and anger a new movement has gained momentum and attention and it is the illridewithyou.

Twitter was buzzed with this new hashtag “illridewithyou” as normal Australian citizens offered to ride along with any Muslim who wears a traditional outfits and afraid to venture out. This show of solidarity and the level of understanding given by the Australian people is a testament to their true secular character. A tragedy has occurred but out of this a new hope for humanity has risen.

Australia has shown to the world that it would take more than an incident like this to fill them with hate and malice.