Families Shanghai Stampede Wait Answers

It has been over 6 days since 35 people died in stampede in Shanghai on New Year's Eve and families are still waiting for an answer, however there are fears that they may be silenced according to latest reports from Reuters News Agency. Many members of the people who were out celebrating the New Year on the historic Bund in China's commercial capital say they have not been getting any answers from the authorities.

In china the police often conducts the investigation quietly and seldom family members are notified about any progress in a case and even if informed it is never a clear picture. Also the major grievances are the bodies of the victims have not been handed over to the families for burial which has huge cultural implication. The Shanghai health department said in an emailed statement to Reuters it had been difficult to identify all victims immediately as some of the injured had been unconscious and it had contacted relatives as quickly as possible. It said bodies were being treated properly.