Five Fishermen from Tamil Nadu given death Sentence in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan courts have given five Indian Fishermen who hail from Tamil Nadu death sentence for drug trafficking according to Zee News. They have been given until November 14 next month to appeal. However this latest development could seriously create diplomatic fallout and problems for Modi Government in the coming days because when it comes to Sri Lanka all the political parties in Tamil Nadu tend to tow the same line.

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Already all the major political parties in Tamil Nadu have started reacting to this verdict and taking this into account  MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said, “The Indian High Commission in Colombo will appeal through lawyer to higher court against judgment by lower court on 5 Indian fishermen.” Also in a tweet he said “India's High Commission in Colombo will through lawyer appeal to higher Court against judgement by lower Court on 5 Indian fishermen.”

Over the years many Indian fishermen have been incarcerated by the Lankan Government and each year a lot of them get released from both sides. But this judgment by the court in Sri Lanka is defiantly a new development. Whenever fishermen get arrested by coast guard on both sides the reasons given are faulty GPS a device which many use for navigating. However India must now react quickly and save these fishermen who are sentenced to death.