According to the Haaretz Hamas has finally accepted it was behind the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers back in June this year which served as a prelude of the current bombing of Gaza were over thousand people which includes women and children have died.

The three teenagers who were brutally murdered and their bodies were later found nearly three weeks after they had been kidnapped. It seems they were killed immediately after the kidnapping by the Kassam Brigade which is a military wing of Hamas. All this did was end the relatively calm ceasefire between Israel and Palestine because of Hamas’s mistake. The killing was vehemently denied by Hamas in the beginning and even calls of an Israeli conspiracy behind the death of these teenagers as pretext to attack Palestinians was floated which anyone with reasonable intelligence would reject outright.

All the Hamas have able to achieve is to bring more misery to a already beleaguered population in Gaza who have already have so little to get by and any sympathy which they thought the killings of Gazans by the Israeli Defense Forces stands nullified after the admission of killing of these promising young teenagers who just wanted to enjoy their hiking. What affect this new revelation will have on an already fragile truce is very chilling to comprehend.