Hilary Clinton, A Story Of A Long Road To White House

Hilary Clinton is perhaps the most famous and most influential woman of our time, barring Opera Winfrey. She has been in politics since the 1970s when former president Richard Nixon was investigated for ordering the breaking and entering into the office of Democratic National Committee. Acting as one of the Congressional legal counsel during the investigation. Later she spent a long time as the first lady for the state of Arkansas where her husband Bill Clinton was the Governor for over twelve years. Then eight long years as the first lady of United States which was perhaps the tumultuous period of her life. But one has to concede to her determination and her perseverance which has allowed her to stay the course to her long and often troubled road to White House.

This woman is a lady but she is no lady, she is more than capable of fighting her own battles and has been responsible for being the first serious contender to the office of president right now and six years ago. When it comes to politics in America, if a politician is beaten on their quest for the highest office in the land, it is very difficult to put themselves back in the fray again. The amount of money one has to spend to win the party nomination is itself a significant fortune. Often candidates are in debt after an election campaign fails and never recover from it. Hilary Clinton lost to Barack Obama back in 2008 but the desire and the determination did not even take a dent but only made her more resolute.

Becoming the Secretary of State and in the new administration gave her the opportunity to travel far and wide and build more contacts and experience. Also she was in the middle of one of the most profound changes in the Middle East which created very serious diplomatic challenges for her and for the rest of the world with rising of the Arab Spring. Also she had to go through a lot of scrutiny for the Benghazi problem which she must surely know will be an obstacle on her quest, but the road is long and anything can happen, but the greatest obstacles she faces are more complex and the top three are.

1st obstacle “Vice President Joe Biden”

Also it is not very easy to get the democratic nomination when the sitting Vice President Joe Biden is also very much interested in running for the highest office. In American politics there have been many instances when the Vice President took over office, it was either the sitting president died of natural causes or was assassinated or had to resign.

Vice Presidents who became President due to death, resignation or assassinations were.

  1. John Tyler, 1841 -- Presidential death
  2. Millard Fillmore, 1850 -- Presidential death
  3. Andrew Johnson, 1865 -- assassination
  4. Chester Arthur, 1881 -- Presidential assassination
  5. Theodore Roosevelt, 1901 -- Presidential assassination
  6. Calvin Coolidge, 1923 -- Presidential death
  7. Harry Truman, 1945 -- Presidential death
  8. Lyndon Johnson, 1963 -- Presidential assassination
  9. Gerald Ford, 1974 -- Presidential resignation

Also many times the sitting Vice Presidents have gone on to win party nomination and then became President of the United States of America. It would be very difficult for Hilary Clinton to convince the party and the current Vice President to step out of her way because the party usually supports the Vice President and would not allow internal squabbling which could potentially hurt them in 2016. The Republican Party suffered due to a long and protracted primary campaign during the last election to seek the Republican ticket for the office of the President and the effects are still being felt and one can again expect the same this time around.

Democrats would not want that, so the question is how either party will decide who gets nominated. If Hilary challenges the sitting Vice President which is not unheard of will create lot of problems for herself and Joe Biden. If Biden does not back away and why should he when he is so close to realizing his final political ambition will create a rift in the party as Hilary is very popular with woman voters, but Joe Biden also shares the same ideology as Hillary Clinton and agree on most issues from gay marriage to pro-choice and immigration reform to foreign policy.

So how can she differentiate herself form him? To make it an issue of a woman becoming President of the United States for the first time may be popular and maybe about time, but an argument can be made that the job should go to the most qualified and both of them are equally qualified with the Vice President claiming more experience and Hilary more popularity. But the road to White House is still a long journey and frankly the problems Hilary Clinton will face are going to be within the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party.

2nd obstacle “The Republican Party”

Would the Republican Party be a great challenge? Possibly, one can never tell what can happen during an election, especially for the Office of the President of the United States. The Republican Party will not spare any resource to discredit her and it has already started by questioning her health because though Benghazi was a huge political embarrassment for her, but she has enough tricks up her sleeve to overcome this setback because it was the house republicans who had cut a lot funding and since the Republican party has the habit of digging past, Hilary will not back away from doing some own digging of her own.

Is the Republican Party an obstacle? Yes, but Because the Republican Party is not united and has serious fractures from within due to the advent of the Tea Party and the Tea Party candidates have managed to cause serious damage to the establishment candidates, as made very clear in the resent primary elections were Republican Eric Cantor the House Majority Leader which is a powerful post, lost the primary to Dave Brat who is the received support from Tea Party. Republican Party which was responsible for the declaration of emancipation, which effectively ended slavery in America under Presidency Abraham Lincoln, is also known for its conservatism brand of politics, but that extended only towards big government and fiscal discipline.

How from a party which freed Millions of African Americans has denigrated to a situation, where it has least support from the very people it helped free which the Democrats opposed  and even in the 1960s it was the Democratic party which dominated Southern states opposed equal civil rights. The extreme politics of Tea Party will fracture votes for the Republican Party. But this is merely a theory, the Republican party will come with all its force on Benghazi and go after her past which will be her husband former President Bill Clinton.

3rd Obstacle “Past and her only major political mistake”

Bill Clinton is still very popular among Americans and he is perhaps the best speaker in America. His charm and eloquence is unparallel which the Republican and Democrats will agree, but he is also a liability due to his past shenanigans which caused a lot of pain and humiliation to Hilary. Bill Clinton is a force of nature and master orator and also a liability.

And who can forget her for supporting the war on Iraq without thinking of the consequences and the political repercussions. Yes, she has now apologized for her decision, but it is too late and now the political environment in Iraq has also changed with the advent of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and the supposed co-operation between America and Iran by the current administration would be something the Republicans would like to take advantage of. She will be called inconsistent and a flip flopper of issues. The mistake of supporting the bill authorizing the invasion of Iraq and the late apology might not go in her favor.

But all things said, if Hilary Clinton does somehow manages to get the Democratic Party Ticket she will be a formidable force for the Republicans to stop because she is experienced, well spoken, and popular with majority of woman. Also she is well known all over the world and is a skilled diplomat. It would be very exciting to see who her Republican challenger will be but in the end it is very difficult to say if she will receive the Democratic Party ticket for 2016.