Students who were protesting for democracy in Hong Kong finally had to face the might of the Hong Kong Police according to The Guardian. The Hong Kong Police which is under the direct control of the Chinese Communist Party finally managed to take away key positions held by the students who are seeking democratic reform. This has been the worst clash since the protest started and it was a surprise when the China did not crackdown on these protesters like it did back in 1989 during the infamous Tiananmen Square protests.

The world will be watching and already few law makers from Britain were not allowed to enter Hong Kong because China does not want this matter to spread any further inland which is always their worst nightmare. In recent times there has been lot of unrest within China due to corruption and people are asking for reforms.

Hong Kong chief executive, Leung Chun-ying who was appointed by China has not been accepted by the people because they want to elect their own leader. However it seems the patience of the Chinese leadership is now wearing thin and soon the protesters could very well be arrested and imprisoned for protesting against the state. At a time when China is trying to portray itself as modern country this protest which is ongoing and being televised live all across the world would prove very dangerous and the threat of this protest wave reaching the main land.