Hong Kong Protests Its Last Leg

The might of the Chinese Communist Party has finally taken its effect the famed student protests in Hong Kong is coming to a silent crescendo. The latest reports by BBC are the barricades are now being cleared and the tents taken out by the Hong Kong Police. These protests started because the students wanted a proper democratic reforms and elections instead the Chinese government in Beijing wanted to install their own man for the job of CEO of Hong Kong in 2017. It is ironic that all the citizens of Hong Kong will have the right to vote but to only those who have been vetted by the Communist Party.


These protests have been one of the longest agitations by the Chinese people and must have brought back memories of the infamous 1989 Tiananmen Square which was crushed with brute force. However with International media ever present and the power of social media no violent methods to get rid of the protesters were taken by China. All they did was waiting and create dissension within the student groups.


Today many political leaders and artists were arrested and it is very clear now the will of Beijing will run supreme in Hong Kong. But it seems this may not be the end but more like a beginning of new and more intense protests to follow in the coming weeks