Pakistan is not ready to learn from what all is happening at the border and within the border. Since Friday there has been constant firing with mortars and bullets from the Pakistani side in order to infiltrate terrorist into Indian side, though a failed attempt and in the attempt they have lost four of their Rangers.

They have started heavy fresh firing at some BSF posts in Harinagar and Samba sectors of Jammu and Kashmir. They also tried to make use of the Sea routes to send some of their well trained terrorists to India to shape something of 26/11 sort. Indian Coast Guards intercepted their calls and caught hold of them on the inauspicious voyage to India.

Press Trust Of India mentions that Pakistani Rangers resorted to heavy firing at 8 BSP Posts since the evening (January 2nd 2015). The new government of India is not taking things lightly and ordered to take appropriate action to the misadventure by the Pakistani side. This is the fourth case of ceasefire by the Pakistani Rangers welcoming the New Year.

Things have taken a worse turn since the election and worst since the election results. Their motive, so far, is to disturb the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and destabilize India. They have been making failed attempt but the dare devil is not stopping.