ISIS Beheads American Journalist

A video has been posted which shows the beheading of American Journalist James Foley, who was covering the conflict in Syria. He was last seen on November 22nd 2012 in Northwest Syria near the Turkey border. According to CNN the United States Government and intelligence agencies are still trying to authenticate the video.

In the video James Foley was beheaded by a masked man in black dress who spoke English with a British accent. The Video shows how brave the ISIS fighters are who would simply kill a defenseless man in cold blood. The ISIS demanded America should stop its fighter jets from bombing ISIS forces which many people know would not be possible because U.S governments do not change policy or negotiate with terror group.

It is estimated nearly 20 journalists are still missing and many being held captive by ISIS. Iraq and Syria has proved to be one of the most dangerous places for journalist and many have died.

It is very clear that America will not stop its airstrikes which will get even more lethal and the demand by ISIS will not be met. But maybe this execution was a method to provoke America to Put boots on the ground, because then the ISIS will be capable to kill some solders because they just do not have the necessary hardware to shoot down the fighter jets.