ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wounded in air strike

According to reports from Associated Press it seems in an US air strike the leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was wounded in the Anbar province. However defense officials in Pentagon are yet to confirm this information. If this report happens to be true, this could prove to be a huge setback for ISIS and a victory for America. Already the US plans to send an additional 1500 troops to Iraq which will certainly give more teeth to the ground forces.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the self styled Caliph is man who many experts believe is in his early 40’s and he also carries a reward of 10 million dollars. However if he was indeed wounded in this attack it could be either good Intel or simply good luck. Al-Baghdadi last public appearance was at a mosque on Musul when he gave a sermon to the faithful.

At present ISIS controls vast areas in Iraq and Syria and where they have imposed their puritanical brand of Islam over the people over this captured area. Already many human rights violations have been attributed to this group and they have also killed foreign journalists and an aid worker in cold blood.

Back in America President Obama has called for a new phase to fight ISIS. In an interview to CBS an American Network he said “Phase one was getting an Iraqi government that was inclusive and credible -- and we now have done that," and then added "rather than just try to halt ISIS' momentum, we're now in a position to start going on some offence."

In his interview to CBS ‘s Face the Nation, the President made it clear that the US forces will not directly engage the enemy but play a supporting role in training Iraqi recruits. He also said “We will provide them close air support once they are prepared to start going on the offence against ISIS, but what we will not be doing is having our troops do the fighting." In the interview when asked asked if any more US forces will be sent to Iraq in the future, Obama said, "I'm never going to say never."

One thing is clear, President Obama after his defeat in the recently concluded midterm election will not take any chances with the lives of his solders. However when he said “I'm never going to say never,” he has made one thing very clear, he will not relent and when presented with the right opportunity he will send massive numbers of ground troops and finish ISIS.