Kargil Was In Response To India’s Creation Of Bangladesh

Deposed former Pakistan President and army chief of staff Parvez Musharrf who is facing charges of treason and murdered again decided to talk about his infamous misadventure in Kargil and said it was the response to India for creating Bangladesh back in 1971 according to latest from Press Trust of India. Well they say revenge is best served cold and it took Pakistan 28 years to respond and in that too they failed and ended up losing so many of their fighting men which they did not acknowledge as their own. Musharrf said “They also undertook such operations so Kargil also happened," he told Pakistani channel Samaa TV. "I believed in a tit-for-tat policy on all fronts.”

He said “People think I don't want friendship with India it is not like that. Relations with India were good in my tenure. We were close to resolving major disputes pertaining to Kashmir, Sir Creek and water treaty.” He further added “We should have good relations with India even if Modi is Prime Minister but not by bowing down to India or accepting their aggression. If they continue in aggressive acts and proxy acts then we can also respond in similar fashion.” Many times he has said if India will take one step Pakistan will take two so in a way the Lahore Delhi bus agreement was one step forward and the Kargil war was two steps taken to capture Indian Territory.

The thing is he is known for making attacking and at the same time conciliatory statement which he thinks could fool people. His quip about ‘we should have friendly relations even if Modi is Prime Minister’ is an indirect reference to the 2002 Gujarat riots. This is nothing but sad attempt to cater to his domestic audience since he has no credibility as a leader of international stature. Just last month he had given an interview to Agence France-Presse news agency said when NATO troops will exit Afghanistan could push India and Pakistan to engage in a proxy war.

If he is trying to compare and equate the 1971 libration of Bangladesh war with Kargil then he is living in fool’s paradise because that was a war in which we captured over ninety thousand Pakistan solders who surrendered meekly and Kargil was nothing but an attempt by him as the leader of the army to derail the peace process. It was an infiltration and a miscalculated political, strategic and military blunder which America did not support unlike 1971 when Nixon was President who hated India.

The 1971 war happened because Pakistan was involved in genocide and rape which in which many of its senior officers took part. It was cry for help from the people of Bangladesh who wanted freedom and the end of misrule by Sindh and Punjabi and Pathan dominated western Pakistan who considered the Bengalis inferior.