Kerry Tells Pakistan Stop Exporting Terror Neighbors And no Aid Until Then

According to latest reports from Reuters news agency U.S Secretary of State John Kerry told Pakistan leaders that Pakistan must take action against militant groups that threaten Afghan, Indian and US interests. He also had few words of sympathy for the victims of the December 16 attack on a Pakistani military school which led to the killing of 132 school children. It is an unofficial fact that Pakistan is epicenter of global terrorism and has provided support to numerous terror groups which have carried out terror strikes across the globe.

Mr. Kerry who was in Islamabad said “Terror groups like the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e Taiba, and other groups, continue to pose a threat to Pakistan, to its neighbors, and to the United States, and we all of us have a responsibility to ensure that these groups do not gain a foothold but rather are pushed back into the recesses of (Pakistan's) memory." He also had serious concern about the frequent firings between Indian and Pakistan security forces at the border in Kashmir which has for long been considered a nuclear flash point. Mr. Kerry said “We continue to be deeply concerned by the recent spate of increased violence along the working boundary and the line of control” and it is profoundly in the interests of Pakistan and India to move this relationship forward." "India and Pakistan need to overcome historical mistrust and re-engage in serious dialogue.”

The issue of American financial aid was also discussed and just a few days back their was lot of speculation that the U.S will give over 500 Million dollars in aid under the Kerry-Lugar act which India had strong objections and reservation. This was because of lack of action on the part of Pakistan government against people who planned and executed 2008 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

The Express Tribune a leading daily newspaper reported “In recent days, however, the United States has come under sustained diplomatic pressure from India over its financial assistance to Pakistan. New Delhi wants the US to stop all aid to Pakistan until terrorists it accuses of having masterminded attacks on Indian soil are caught and punished.'' There was no denying of fact that there was diplomatic pressure applied by India because the whole idea for a aid package was based on the fact Pakistan acted against all terror groups and stop the practice of good terrorist and bad terrorist because they are both harmful to the growth and development of Pakistan.