Largest Animal Slaughter In A Hindu Festival In Nepal 2014

Southern Nepal is turning abattoir with around 5 million people visiting the most revered Gadhimai temple in the town of Bariyarpur. The city is rejoicing the carnival type atmosphere that lasts for a month and happens every five years. The place is near Indo-Nepal border in the district of Bara. The religious event witnesses some 200,000 animal sacrifice within a month and the sacrifice includes Buffaloes, Goats, Rats, Pigs and Pigeons.

In 2009, Nepal created history with some 200,000 animal slaughtered in the region that included 20,000 Buffaloes offered to the altar of the goddess of power. Devotees rush to the temple from far off places and some have to even travel hours to reach the place just to offer their animals to the butcher. The reason for the oblation is sustaining peace in the family and getting wishes fulfilled. The ritual of animal oblation commences with some blood is offered by the priest of the temple as a green signal to the religious carnage. This gory part of the festival has become or becomes every year the reason for some animal lovers to protest. Since social media is a common tool to hold protest and add participants these days have taken it to a greater height where citizens of the world raise their voice against the barbarism.

Watch Video Here has requested people to sign a petition to stop the killing. The festival which saw some 200,000 animals being put to death was said to have been sponsored by the Nepal Government. If we see and look up the pages of the most sacred books of Hindu religion ‘Vedas’, we will not notice a single couplets or chapter that talks about the killing of animals for the sake of prosperity and peace. Though, the origin of animal sacrifice is unknown till date, but it prevails in the Hindu society be it southern or northern part of India. Its is existing!

Southern part of India also see blood on all the major religious places in the month of October as Ayudha Puja which is also known as Dussera is celebrated with hundreds of animal meeting their dark destiny in the name of religion. Killing of animal is a crime under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and also it’s violation under the Section 428 and 429 of Indian Penal Code. “God is the creator of all living beings, then why we satisfy our gods with the blood of innocent animals who cannot even fight to save their lives”, says Dhirendra Verma, co-founder of UtheStory.

UtheStory team urges to all the human beings and Hindus to stand against the mass killing of Animals in the name of religion.