Leader of Pakistan Taliban Mullah Fazlulla Killed in Air Strikes

According to latest in the twitter it seems the leader of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Mullah Fazlulla has been killed in an air strike carried out by the Pakistan Air Force. But this is yet to be confirmed if he has actually has been killed and according to the army they will not confirm until they see his mutilated body.

ANA says Fazalullah killed as the result of #PAF strikes, but wont confirm till Sakht Fauji sees his mutilated body himself.

Mullah Fazlulla has been held responsible for the death of innocent school children in the deadly attack in a school run by the military in the city of Peshawar. He was also responsible for trying to kill Malala Yousfzai for her resistance to Taliban for not allowing girls to go to school. She survived and now is the youngest noble laureate in history. He is or if dead responsible for attacking aid workers who were trying to vaccinate children in Pakistan against polio.

It is ironic that just after four days the Pakistan army was able to locate and kill this man if these calms which are appearing in twitter turn out to be true. Mullah Fazlulla is a man who has earlier managed to successfully evade the army but after the brutal killing of children in Peshawar it seems all bets are off and the Pakistan army will not rest till the TTP is finished. But this target may not be that easy to achieve since the TTP enjoys a lot of support and it is quite possible other Jihadists groups might object.

The situation in Pakistan is growing very tense and one the one hand the people want ravage and action against the TTP and on the other many important players who have clout are not directly blaming the TTP for the Peshawar carnage and instead point finger at India.