Massacre Peshawar And Do Not Be Surprised If India

One hundred and thirty two that is the number of children who were murdered by the Pakistani Taliban or Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)the other day by six Fedayeen. Fedayeen means goodbye and it was indeed a suicide mission and the objective was to inflict maximum number of casualty and target children. This objective was sadly achieved and the burning thirst for revenge quenched. But in all this sadness and confusion it is very ironic that few people in Pakistan have already linked India to yesterday’s attack.

On 16th December 1971 the Pakistan Army surrendered to the Indian Army and it was a humiliating defeat which led to the creation of Bangladesh. Over ninety thousand solders surrendered and the genocide which was carried out by the Pak military came to a halting end. Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered and scores of women raped. In many cases by the senior officers itself which led to the breakdown of discipline. 16th December is a date which is forever etched in the minds of many Pakistanis and the quest for payback still burns and sadly it not those who fought and lost but the generations of young men and women who were told the injustice India committed against Pakistan and the humiliation which followed.

After the attacks were over or ongoing there were many tweets by people of influence about the involvement of India in this macabre act. Ahmed Quraishi a prominent but dim witted journalist twitted

“Choice of #16Dec for #Peshawar terror attack is no coincidence. 43rd anniversary of #India's unprovoked invasion of #Pakistan #1971.”

“#India's govt condemns #PeshawarAttack yet provides protection/support to the attackers in #Afghanistan. #TTP chief is in #Indian safe hands.”

“The #AfTaliban condemn #PeshawarAttack committed by #TTP terrorists who are armed & trained in the #Indian-run terror camps in #AFGH.”

“Ex Pres @PMusharraf endorses my and @mubasherlucman's view that #India is involved in anti-#Pakistan terrorism. On @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL.”

Now the number of tweets by this sham of a journalist is endless and has already he has managed to shift the blame to India and there are several people like him even after the TTP claimed full responsibility for this action. The deep paranoia against India runs deep within the marrow of many Pakistanis and sadly it is the so-called intellectual class. To even think that India runs terror camps for TTP a group which wants to see India destroyed and any other faction within India to destabilize Pakistan is preposterous and comical. It is very sad when Pakistan goes on to the international stage and play the victim card but at the same time its leaders and generals treat some of the terror group like the Lashkar-e-Taiba as a strategic necessity to counter India proves detrimental to themselves.

Hilary Clinton who would most probably be the next nominee of the Democratic Party in America finally had to admit back in 2011 and tell Pakistan that “It's like that old story - you can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors. Eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard.”

A total of 145 people lost their lives and parents had to bury their children because of the inability of the people who run Pakistan. There is no government only the military which dictates the policies both foreign and domestic. Groups like the TTP, Haqqani Network and ISIS cannot be negotiated with or allowed any space to run their operations. This paranoia is impenetrable and is so deep and thick, it is just not possible to convince India had absolutely no hand in this sinister attack. But sadly the families of the victims and the people will be led to believe something different and the finger of guilt will be squarely be pointed towards India and “A Call for Renewed Jihad” will be made.

Many leaders in Pakistan have condemned these attacks and it was refreshing to hear Hafiz Saeed say that the people who carried out these attacks were enemies of Islam who under the false cloak of Jihad have carried out this attack.