Modi Mania Strikes Down Under

It is now clear that the Modi Mania wherever he travels has not yet lost any of its charm. After a very successful conclusion of G20 summit, Prime Minister Modi was greeted by sixteen thousand Indians living in Australia when he arrived at the Allphones Arena in Olympic Park with thunderous applause and calling his name loudly. The numbers were certainly less then what we all saw when Mr. Modi visited America. But what they lacked in number was compensated with adulation and enthusiasm to greet the Indian Prime Minister.

This is the first time an Indian Prime Minister has visited Australia in the last 28 years. The last time an Indian Prime Minister to visit Australia was Rajeev Gandhi back in 1986. In the last ten years many Indians have migrated to Australia and also it is one of the favored destinations for many Indian students, which is now a very big business running into tens of millions of dollars. Also with the rise of China in Asia, it is a very crucial time for India and Australia to develop closer ties. At present the Indian Diaspora is playing a very significant role in the development of Australia and has become one of Australia’s vibrant communities.

With business picking up its pace in India, this is will be a huge opportunity to forge closer bilateral and strategic ties. For long due to a foggy foreign policy relations between India and Australia has not received the attention which it deserves. When PM Abbott visited India just a short while back many agreements were signed and for Australia to lift its ban to sell uranium was perhaps the clincher of the visit.