Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said Australia will not be at the periphery of India's vision but at the centre of its thought, as he called for closer bilateral security cooperation and a comprehensive global strategy to tackle the menace of terrorism according to Press Trust of India. Also Prime Minister Tony Abbott while speaking to journalists with PM Modi standing next to him said “We want to go further and the next priority for Australian is a Comprehensive economic partnership with India,” and called India the new “Emerging Superpower”.  This is the first visit in the last 28 years by an Indian Prime Minister to Australia and acknowledging this fact he said “It has taken a Prime Minister of India 28 years to come to Australia and this should never have been so. And, this will change. Australia will not be at the periphery of our vision, but at the centre of our thought.” Mr. Modi has made it very clear that he wants closer economical ties with Australia and India is one big market yet untapped and Australia has  all the opportunity to be part of this progress.

Mr. Narendra Modi became the first leader from India to address the Australian Parliament which is an honor and it was speech which contained serious thoughts and humor. In his speech he talked about closer bilateral relations and the threat of terrorism which has brought misery to so many nations. Mr. Modi said “In India, we have seen its face closely for three decades. And, we see it with the clarity that comes with it. Terrorism is changing in character and expanding in its reach.” He further added "Internet has made recruitment and call to violence self-generated. It also feeds off money laundering, drug trafficking and arms smuggling. We have to deepen our bilateral security cooperation. But, we need a comprehensive global strategy for a global problem."

India also signed five pacts in the felid of social security, transfer of sentenced prisoners, combating narcotics trade, tourism, and Arts and Culture. In his official twitter handle Mr. Modi said “I feel my friendship with @TonyAbbottMHR will further strengthen India-Australia ties in the years to come.” Amplifying more on terrorism PM Modi talked about how democratic nations should join forces and have an enhanced cooperation to fight terror and that there is no link between terrorism and religious believes of people everywhere.

Mr. Modi also invoked some historical references of the ties both nations share. In his speech he said “This morning, Prime Minister and I honored our soldiers, who 100 years ago made the supreme sacrifice together in the battle of Gallipoli. The man who designed this beautiful capital of Canberra, Walter Burley Griffin, lies buried in the old city of Lucknow in India and "More than 150 years ago, an Australian novelist and lawyer John Lang fought the legal battle for a brave Indian freedom fighter, the Queen of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai against the British East India Company in India's first War of Independence. He also lies buried in the Indian hill town of Mussoorie."

In a lighter but note but on a topic near and dear to many Indians and Australians Mr. Modi talked about the love of cricket which both nations share and said “We celebrate the legend of Bradman and the class of Tendulkar together. We are impressed by Australian speed as you are charmed by the Indian spin, until of course Shane Warne came along!"