Modibama Creates Irritation In Pakistan

It seems these days things are going out of protocols. First Obama broke the protocol and spent a lot of time with Modi while touring the White House and Modi broke the protocol to receive Obama at the airport. Obama broke the security protocol and attended the Republic Day Parade for more than 2 hours and met with numerous dignitaries there. There was this self-styled-age-old protocol that whenever any US President visited India, he would make a visit to Pakistan and the same has been broken for the last two visits. Obama had his second visit to India bypassing Pakistan. Pakistan not only gets worried, but irritated as well for Obama sent, as a gesture, Mr. Kerry to Pakistan to rebuke the government for their failure to tackle internal terrorism.

John kerry, in clear words, informed the Nawaz Sharif government of controlling both Haqqani Network and Jamat-ud-Dawa and stop nurturing terror in the land. He clearly mentioned that US would not accept any terror attack in India that comes from Pakistan during the visit. To add fuel to the –already-blazing-fire, Obama announced its full support for India’s permanent membership at UN Security Council. This has created tension for Pakistan and its all-weather friend China. China has remarked on the announcement stating that all UNSC members should be kept in talks before any such move is taken.

Pakistani Media was laden with Obama’s India visit news. Dawn mentioned the headline stating ‘Rain fails to dampen cheer as Obama attends Indian parade’. There has been constant remarks coming from China and Pakistan as well. This shows the level of anxiousness of these neighbors. Gone are the days for Pakistan when US Presidents used to ride through the Pakistani city in a horse drawn carriage. The people of Pakistan did not have to conceal behind the bullet-proof walls as terror resides in there.

While Obama was sharing cups with Modi, more than 80% of Pakistan was plunged in darkness since there was no electricity, gas and petrol. It was rumored that the US was planning to give the remaining of the aid of $532 million, but that has not materialized because of the sluggish attitude of the government towards the prosecution of 26/11 plotters. Let’s not forget some of the dead were American citizens back in 2008 when 10 heavily armed terrorist attacked Mumbai.

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This is high time Pakistan should start thinking of the current situations going out of hand or have already gone. Selecting partially the terror organizations to ban or seize bank accounts or assets is not the solution. They need to go aggressive on these organization and do not give an inch of land for them to stay, not in the jail even. The country needs to create an impression that makes Pakistan a reliable country, only then other countries can befriend Pakistan or they should be happy with China- a cynosures of all eyes.