Musharraf Warns India’s Influence Could Start Proxy War In Afghanistan

Former Pakistan Army Chief of Staff and Military Ruler President Parvaz Musharraf who is facing charges of Treason and Murder in an interview given to Agence France-Presse news agency said when NATO troops will exit Afghanistan could push India and Pakistan to engage in a proxy war. This has not come as a surprise since he is renowned for rabble rousing and for him it is unthinkable, India may have more influence in Afghanistan then Pakistan which is a reality. Less than two weeks ago the current Army Chief of Staff General Raheel Sharif offered provide training to Afghan security forces which has not materialized.

In his interview General Musharraf said “the danger for Pakistan is... the Indian influence in Afghanistan and that is another danger for the whole region and for Pakistan because Indian involvement there has an anti-Pakistan connotation. They (India) want to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan." He also talked about India providing training to the Baluch separatist from the bases situated in Southern Afghanistan which has no semblance of truth. This is nothing but a paranoia which is now in the DNA of Pakistan and any conflict which is happening or happened in Baluchistan was a making of this very many who is also being held responsible for the murder of Baluch leader Akbar Bugti.

About Afghanistan, India clearly has already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in restructuring of Afghanistan and has pledged more money which something Pakistan cannot afford since they themselves are living in pittance and are surviving as a nation on charity. Also it is true that India has more influence with Tajik ethnic group, which dominates in northern Afghanistan and it no secret the Pashtuns generally are the bulwark of Taliban. But in this interview Parvez Musharrd made it very clear advertently or inadvertently that “if Indians are using some elements of the ethnic entities in Afghanistan, then Pakistan will use its own support for ethnic elements, and our ethnic elements are certainly Pashtuns,"

Now any analyst who has closely monitored Pakistan in recent times will know that Mr. Musharraf is clearly saying this to get attention because Pakistan is already involved in a proxy war in Afghanistan by supporting the Taliban and which it considers as its foreign policy tool. But what the exit of NATO from Afghanistan means to Pakistan and Pak Military is “Losing its Meal Ticket.” Yes the presence of American led NATO troops was a thorn on their side, but over the years they came to realize that the money which they have made since Pakistan is the Logistical Hub for NATO is far too important.