Nawaz Sharif Asking Military To Fight Terrorists Is Hogwash

Just days after we carried out surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), with which some people in our country had doubts or maybe just for the sake of transparency wanted video evidence of our special forces neutralizing jihadist terror camps. One thing that is clear is that they may be skeptics and political opportunists of our country to have gone to great lengths to delegitimize our Army and at the same time give their masters plausible deniability. But it seems Pakistan is quite convinced that we did carry out the surgical strike. It’s funny when the whole world believes in our narrative that we did indeed carry out the raid to destroy terror launch pads, it is so difficult to prove our case with our own likes of Arvind Kejrwal, P. Chidambaram, Digvijaya Singh and Sanjay Nirupam who in my words have openly doubted the integrity of our armed forces and have weakened our nation. But that is the price of democracy in India and the best part is no matter how much Pakistani news media quoted them as evidence of the attack never been taken place, it was clear the attack was legitimate.

As expected, there was lot of bluster and hot air emanated from the mouths of various leaders of Pakistan who threatened India with dire consequences. This was expected and wealso knew there will be instant retaliation of sorts carried out by non state actors who actually serve as proxies of their Army. In that process we lost one Border Security force Jawan who bravely fought and stopped terrorists from entering a military camp. After that there were more attacks and cease fire violations across the LoC but our security forces were ready.

What many in our country did not expect was that today Nawaz Sharif asked his military to act against terrorists. Now, in India this will come as a relief to many of the Aman ki Asha brigade and the peaceniks who are always clamoring for talks. But one must pay attention to the following line “take action against terrorists” but which terror groups that’s the question. On this day, while we successfully launched our GSAT-18, built by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and aimed at providing telecommunications services for the country Pakistan, it is still a nation divided. It looks at some terror organizations and feels can be utilized against India and forwards in its Kashmir policy. However, the fear of being isolated diplomatically is now getting to the marrow of their bone, but is that the case or this is just another slight of hands. In the past, Pakistan has fooled India into thinking that talking is a  possibility and it would genuinely fight terror in its soil. But when time approached for those peaceful talks we again had to endure terror strikes on our homeland in places like Pathankot and Gurudaspur.

It is very convenient to blame non state actors for their actions but the reality is, these so called uncontrollable non state actors are very much part of their military plan which wants Ghazwa e Hind where Muslims will again reclaim their lost territory. If we notice that Pakistan is taking action against terror groups, it will probably be nothing real but a way to misdirect us. If our leaders fall for it, there’s a hundred per cent possibility of all the diplomatic hard work to be wasted,which wouldn’t leave us in a position to make such strikes in future due to diplomatic pressure.But then since when Pakistan has ever been deterred diplomatically but still why lose the advantage. To even imagine Pakistan can go after Hafeez Saeed and Masood Azhar is laughable because they are more powerful than the Prime Minister. Plus civilians and the military share the same hatred for Hindus and this has been proved time and again when Pakistani actors return home and hurl abuses at us. But still when they come to us with big smiles and say we have more things in common than what divides us we fall victim to their deceit.

When we deal with Pakistan we must remember we are dealing with sociopathic, schizophrenic with a multiple personality disorder. Pakistanis are not rational people who like making rational choices, because when it comes to common decency they do not necessarily agree with our standpoint of rationality which is peace in the region and fight poverty. Since 1947, Pakistan has always proposed to break the ice between the two countries but whenever they put forward a friendly hand they have also been known to back stab. The goodness in the intention always gets us confused and lose our balance and we fall for the same trap. Pakistan is a nation full of lies, deceit, contradictory, and inconsistent policies and cannot be trusted.

All these directives to the military are hogwash because Pakistan is controlled by the Jihadist and the military has never once obeyed to the elected government in Pakistan’s entire history. Fact is after the cancellation of SAARC summit where all our neighbors decided to support us, came as huge shock to them, plus all their cries fell on deaf ears at the UNGA. Also when it comes to its relationship with America, Pakistan knows it is unsalvageable and cannot expect future favors, and already a pivot has been made to get close to China who it calls its all-weather friend and Russia. Getting too close to them would be like sticking your neck into the mouth of the Dragon and the Bear but that is their problem. It is high time that we stop making distinction between the military and the civilians because their minds have been poisoned against our nation plus the information that reaches them is always filtered. Also any journalists or politicians who want to talk peace are on the payroll of the Inter Service Intelligence who uses them as a tactics to soften us and it has been done for a long time so let’s just call these orders issued to the Army to act against terrorists a Hogwash and an attempt to minimize diplomatic isolation.