One Suspects Charlie Hebdo Shooting Surrenders Police

According to latest reports from Reuters News Agency the youngest suspect in today's deadly attack at a satirical newspaper's office in Paris has turned himself to the French police said. The hunt for the other two remaining shooters is in full swing and they have called.

Officials identified the suspects as Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, two relatives both in their 30s and still at large, and 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, who has now surrendered and is fully cooperating with the law enforcement authorities. The 18 year old gave himself up in the French town of Charleville-Mezieres, about 2 miles north of Paris.

French authorities have named the three suspects who they believe are responsible for the shooting deaths of 12 people near Charlie Hebdo. The Newspaper lost its editor and four well-known cartoonists. Of the two police officers who were killed in the attack one was Muslim named Ahamed Merabet who was reportedly the first person to be killed at the scene when he confronted the shooters.

Over night the people of France braved the cold and came out to show their support and solidarity which speaks volume of the resilience of the French People. They carried the sign JeSuisCharlie which means I am Charlie and raised the pen which has proven again that it is Pen which is mightier than the guns and bullets of terrorists. Leader all over the world condemned this attack and all of Europe has pledged to work closely to avert such incidents in the future. People in Britain gathered near the famous Trafalgar square in support of the French all night.

In a statement by the British Prime Minister David Cameron said “There is no one single answer to these appalling terrorist attacks,” and ee have to all be vigilant. We have to try to address all the problems of radicalization that have happened in our country. But as we do all these things, we must be very clear about one thing, which is we should never give up the values that we believe in and defend as part of our democracy and civilization and believing in a free press, in freedom of expression, in the right of people to write and say what they believe. These are the things we are defending. We should be very clear on this day that these values that we have are not sources of weakness for us, they are sources of strength.”