Pak Offers Afghanistan To Train Its Troops

Pakistan Army Chief of Staff General Raheel Sharif has again offered Afghanistan the offer to train its military personal and promised new President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul of weapons for an infantry brigade.  The Pak army general who is visiting his neighboring country for one day met with President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah and senior military leaders according to reports from Press Trust of India.

A Pakistan army Spokesperson said "The COAS also offered the capacity enhancement of an infantry brigade, including provision of equipment." This offer is being made to counter the Indian influence and again create its hegemony over this strategically located region. Ever since American invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, India has played a very crucial and critical role in helping build a very smart and professional Afghan military.

This has never gone very well with Pakistan and this offer was made to former president Hamid Karzai who had not accepted it. the reason is very simple for this rejection because on the one hand it helps the Taliban due to which peace in Afghanistan has still not being able to achieve, secondly now as the Americans are moving out the desire and the opportunity to control by proxy like it did during the rule of the Taliban must be the prime agenda.

When these things are taken into consideration and also the Pakistan army is highly radicalized, it would not be very wise on the part of the new Afghan government to accept this offer and let Pakistan train its personal. Also India has already pledged a lot of money for various development projects, something Pakistan cannot afford since they themselves depend on American aid for their daily survival.