Pak Taliban Attacks Key Naval Base

The Pakistan Taliban attacked on the strategic navy dockyard here has been foiled by Pakistani security forces after a fierce gun-battle that left a naval officer and two militants dead. This is the fourth terror strike on sensitive military facilities in the country this year as per news from Press Trust of India.

Soon after the attack the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility and its spokesmen Shahidullah Shahid said "We claim responsibility for the attack on the navy in Karachi" and "We had support from inside the naval force for this attack. This operation was successful because of this support. We will continue targeting security forces like this in future also."

This constant attack on Pakistani military installations is a clear indication to check for weakness within the Pak armed forces and also a retaliation of the current counter insurgency operations in the North West Frontier. This attack could not have come at a more difficult time when the current government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is teetering on edge.

A while back the Pak Taliban also attacked a base which reportedly housed nuclear weapons and one does  not need an imagination to know what would  happen if a nuclear bomb falls in their hands.