Pakistan To Be Hit By Sanction If Sharif Is Ousted

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif''s ouster could trigger another round of democracy-related US sanctions against Pakistan, according to a report from Press Trust of India. Mr. Nawaz Sharif was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan back in 2013 and since then he and his party has faced several problems with regards to governance, economy and corruption.

If Sharif government falls then the army will have to step in and that would mean going back to the Musharaff era and immediately the United States will impose sections for failure of democracy. No wonder the Pak Military has not intervened thus far in this ongoing conflict due to the fear of getting cut from much needed American funding and military hardware.

If PM Sharif remains in power and no actions are taken against many of his supporters and party stalwarts who have corruption charges against them, he would give the military free hand over foreign policy and then Sharif will not be able to make any more overtures to India. Also once America leaves Afghanistan the army and ISI can get back to its old business.