Pakistan jittery with Donald Trump Victory but should India be happy?

All over the world people watched with lot of interest when it came to the just concluded American elections because the two main candidates are poles apart. Hillary Clinton a veteran of politics for over thirty years and Donald Trump who is world famous for his television show ‘The Apprentice’ and his showmen skill which made him billions. The democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is the personification of a politician in America and the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump is totally Hollywood because this man is full of Drama and king of ostentatiousness and there is ample evidence of his crass behavior caught on camera but somehow that only made him stronger and more appealing to the electorate.

From the start no one believed he would last long because on the day he announced his decision to seek the Republican Party nomination he insulted Latinos who are the third biggest minority in America and their votes have always been very crucial to win Presidential elections. He called them murderers and rapist on the very first day he announced his intention to run for the highest office in America and never lost momentum until it all came to a full stop on 8th of November 2016 “A day which will be remembered in infamy” by many Americans and by Pakistan a nation which has been surviving in handouts given by America since the day it was created for all the wrong reasons. If many Americans wanted Donald Trump to lose Pakistanis wanted it even more badly because he started to call a spade a spade and introduced and made America comfortable with the term “Islamic Terrorism” and he owned it.Pakistan jittery with Donald Trump Victory but should India be happy?

The why and how is for the pundits who called this election wrong!

No one thought Donald Trump would win more importantly his own party thought he would lose and lose big and in that process make them the minority in Congress and the Senate. But that did not happen and he won. The why and how is for the pundits who called this election wrong big time because they were happy with crunching their numbers and making beautiful computer models. Fact was the American people were angry at the establishment for neglecting their need for a very long time. In fact the seeds of Donald Trump Victory were sown by Hillary Clintons Husband former President Bill Clinton when he made it easier for banks in America to play with money of earned by hard working Americans and has since created more hedge fund billionaires who made money by betting average Joe America’s money. It festered and the people decided to take it out on the establishment and unfortunately Hillary Clinton got sacrificed at the altar by an angry white blind mob.

Anyone who will read this article will say why the author has diverted from the topic but the fact is in order to explain why Pakistan could escalate tension with India after Donald Trump Victory I had to draw broader a context. The circumstances that led to Donald Trump being elected President of the United States of America also has its roots in Pakistan because since 9/11 all major terrorists strikes one way or the other emanated from Pakistan but since America was still fighting in Afghanistan it thought the best way to keep Pakistan in its side was to keep incentivizing. Generally when companies give incentives they expect something in return but with Pakistan it has always been a one way street and Donald Trump kept hammering that message over and over. Nothing was enough, no matter how much aid and free or subsidized military hardware it received from America. For Pakistan it was always more more and some more but in return it never gave anything and all the aid money was gobbled up by politicians and generals. This infraction was amply highlighted by Donald Trump who said the way the war was fought in Afghanistan was wrong

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she gave a message to Pakistan unheard before when she said “you can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors” and demanded action against the Haqqani network which has been responsible for attacks in Afghanistan and killing American soldiers. But it seems somehow Pakistan managed to deflect that bullet because the statement she made only reached the ears of policy makers and not the people. Even today the Haqqani Network is very much active and an important proxy of Pakistan Military in its effort to have hegemony over Afghanistan. With Trump who will take office on 20th of December 2017 it could very well find itself in a position where it will be forced to act against terror groups that are responsible for killing people in Afghanistan and in India.

In India, some Hindu groups are very happy Donald Trump won and as an Indian if that works out in my country’s favor than it will make me very happy. But we must also look at this new development from a different angle because no matter how much Muslims around the world and even in Indian Muslims despise Trump, he is rather an unpredictable and moody character. He likes people who say a lot of yes to him and is not well versed in foreign policy and just because he made some tweets against Pakistan does not mean the policy to appease Pakistan could change under his Presidency. Fact is there is bipartisan consensus in US Congress to end aid to Pakistan and move closer to India because Americans have realized where their future lies.

Indian American friendship has reached new levels after the advent of Narendra Modi two and half years ago and with this bold foreign policy initiatives and economic decisions, America sees a partner who can pull its weight in Asia and act as counter balance against China. But Pakistan is still there with its nuclear weapons in the hands of its generals who in a moment of crises could even give it to terror group and claim deniability. Pakistan is anxious because Trump might cut the last morsels of aid to them and for India we must keep a close eye on him because if he is rubbed the wrong way do not be surprised he will turn on us because he will do everything to keep the mob that elected him happy and who knows in order to stay in limelight and bask he might suggest he could mediate outstanding differences between India and Pakistan.
Now that would be something!