Pakistan has again said it will again talk to Kashmir Separatist before initiating dialogue with India as per reports on Times of India. Nawaz Sharif said this is the way forward in a session of the Kashmir Council in Muzaffarabad, Dawn online reported. Now it is quite clear why this renewed interest to hold talks with the separatist is now again being mooted because elections are going to be held in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and it is quite likely many parties who usually take part in this free and fare electoral process might lose.

The Hurriyet which is the separatist party has never participated in any electoral process but through proxy have always dictated some critical state politics. Also after the recent floods in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and how the government took prompt action is also going to play a very important role in coming weeks. So this has Pakistan worried because in the event a party which is aligned to the ruling BJP or BJP itself gets many seats the very dynamics of Kashmir Politics will change, hence making life more difficult for Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif again asserted the same thing about Pakistan being the victim of terror and security agencies like Inter Service Intelligence are not involved in helping non state actors. No one knows how he managed to reach conclusion about international community has indeed acknowledged of India's "biased attitude" towards its Pakistan since no country with significant clout has ever made any such statements. He blamed India for cancelling the meeting of foreign secretaries and Kashmir issue should be resolved through dialogue with pressure from International institutions.

But how this can be possible if Pakistan decided to held talks with the separatists which the current government will simply not accept. If Nawaz Sharif who has no say in Pakistan’s foreign policy decides to talk to separatist it will only defeat his own purpose. He clearly wants a better ties with India, but the army just would not relent and it seems the same person who wrote his unconvincing speech at the United Nations, wrote a newer version.

Yesterday Pakistan tried to get China a seat in the SAARC summit which India rightly opposed and the first phase of elections in Jammu and Kashmir had over 70% turnout which is an affirmation of India’s believe in democracy and a slap on the faces of separatist who never take any responsibility for their actions and have their own agenda.