Pakistan Is On Its Way To Hell In A Hand Basket

India and Pakistan have many differences but it would be inconceivable to imagine India was behind the killing of 132 innocent school children in Peshawar on 16th December 2014. The Pakistan Taliban or Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which carried out this attack could very well escape if leaders like Imran Khan and Parvez Musharraf keep pointing finger towards India and not say anything against them out of their own political ambitions or insecurities. Already several analyst and television news journalist have called this a reminder of 1971 when on the 16th December Pakistan army had to surrender to India and Bangladesh was created out of the ashes of mass killing and rape perpetrated by the Pakistani Military.  These are ludicrous statements and it only adds to the lack of credibility and one does not have to be an expert to sayPakistan is on its way “To Hell in a Hand Basket” and the Tormentor is now the Victim of one of the most chilling, calculated and ruthless terror attacks in the history of the world.

But even after TTP took full responsibility for this attack, It seems many in Pakistan could still not let go of the past and have allowed their mind to be polluted and filled it with hate, denial and hold India responsible for the killings of school children. The blind hysteria against India runs contrary to common sense. Pakistan suffers from some of the highest illiteracy rate in the world and it is the only country in Asia besides maybe parts of Afghanistan where Polio is still crippling children. Any remedial action is stopped by targeted killing of the workers who put their own lives and wellbeing in Peril to providefree vaccinations to so many underprivileged children with no access to proper medical care and life saving vaccinations immunization which all of us enjoy in India.

Keeping, supporting and providing training to terror groups which the Pakistan army considers as a counter balance against India is foolish and many people have written about this practice,but it seems to fall on deaf ears. It is like the lemmings jumping of the cliffs and sadly they know it is going to lead to an eventual implosion but they will not stop. Men like Hafiz Saeed leader of banned terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamat ud Dawah are allowed to roam freely and are provided state machinery to hold mass rallies and spew venom against India and he has already blamed India for the attacks and has sworn revenge. He is provided logistics and other critical support which only military can provide. To Harbor an international Norco Terrorist like Dawood Ibrahim goes against the spirit of new found democracy which Pakistan claim.

It seems the only free speech in Pakistan is the one which propagates Hate. Any voice of reason is stifled or killed like Salman Taseer who was killed by his own body guard Malik MumtazQadri for speaking against the medieval blasphemy laws in Pakistan which has made life hell for so many people especially the minorities. Also one thing is clear if there is one more 26/11 type attack or a serial bomb blast like the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai India must respond and start Direct Action Ops against the planners.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a declaration has lifted the moratorium on death sentence but that will not deter those who are willing to blow themselves up in the name of Allah. The motivation is too high and the indoctrination runs too deep. These young men were poisoned from the day they were born and to them there was no chance of redemption and only absolution through martyrdom. Pakistan is the known provider of service to terror groups and in occasion came very close to been tagged as terror sponsoring state but luckily nothing is official. But sometimes it is the unofficial tag which is very hard to erase.

But could this be reversal of fortune for Pakistan? Could they now see the error of their ways and chart a new course towards piece and economic stability? I think that may be very difficult because when Zia ulHaq took over Pakistan back in 1977 he charted a course which is still being followed with the likes of Hudood Ordinance and the radicalization of the military. Not just one but three generations of Pakistanis are now addicted to some of the harshest form of Islam and when a man like Hafiz Saeed denounces these attacks and says a true Muslim would never do such a thing it is contradictory to his actions against India and the same goes for the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan supported by Pakistan.

Rational Muslim leaders, be it may the political class or the clergy can no longer hide behind the vial of religion and say Islam is a religion of peace and anyone who carries out such attacks are not Muslims and have been deemed as apostasy just cannot fly. This does not mean other religions get a clear exemption but this has gone long enough. It is sad to see a religion which was pro science and pro knowledge to be denigrated to such level. When Europe was in the dark ages the Islam was flourishing with poets, philosophers, inventors and scientist but now all has been surrendered to theology.

Pakistan is a victim of its own doing and to cry and hurl curses and blame others (India, America & Israel) for their misery is just not acceptable. To flex its nuclear power every time Pakistan feels insecure is plain madness. To threaten with suicide to get what they want is no longer working. The only option is counter all the non state actors and do not create any distinction between those who act against India. The death of 132 defenseless children has only proved that more Muslims have been murdered by Muslims and Pakistan must not allow the deaths of these children go in vain and let this be the beginning of a new chapter of sensible governance but that would be asking for too much.