Pakistan’s Babur 3 Submarine Launch Cruise Missile Could be a BIG DUD

On Jan 9 2017, Pakistan launched its Submarine Launch Cruise Missile (SLCM) aptly named after their Islamic ideology Babur-3. However, experts are claiming that the footage which was released by Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) to be computer generated. After Pakistan publicly declared the successful launch of this missile which can be a called a potent first strike capability because submarines are notoriously difficult to detect and they can fire nuclear tipped missile from international waters. Also, in such situation it is virtually impossible to sound alarm because the reaction time will be, if detected, just few minutes.

That is why when this Pakistan test fired a rocket launched from a submarine it made a lot of countries nervous particularly India since Pakistan officially called this achievement a second strike capability. Jan 9, 2017 morning brought not-so-good-piece-of-news for Indians which reads ‘Pakistan Successfully test fires Babur 3 with precision. The word that disturbs the most is Precision. Our Photoshop designers across the country became active and wanted to show their precision as well. They checked video seconds by seconds and got to know that the artists on the other side of the border lack dexterity, says Balaji Subramanian- geo-political blogger.

However, it seems now the whole operation was a charade and a public relation exercise to showcase power after the resent testing of Agni V missile by India. Also it could be possible China might have helped Pakistan since it their proxy to send a message to India but that is unlikely. However experts in imagery analysis think the whole test was a fraud.