President Bush Knew About Torture According Cheney

President George W Bush was fully aware of and an "integral part" of the CIA's torture of terror suspects, his vice-president Dick Cheney said Wednesday according to Agence France-Presse. After this claim it would be very difficult for the former republican President to refute any charges that he was unaware of such advanced interrogation techniques like sleep deprivation and unwanted rectal feeding and rectal hydration were being used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Vice President Cheney said all aspect of the interrogation methods was shared to the President and “We did discuss the techniques. There was no effort on our part to keep him from that.”

Since the Senate report was made public former President Bush has not said or spoken about the torture carried out on suspected terrorist in various prisons around the world by CIA. His silence will come under harsh scrutiny and there could be a call for criminal investigation. But according to Dick Cheney the entire report is “Crap.”

Already condemnation of American actions are coming fast and hard from all corners of the world and this report has given America a bad image and it now stands in a position where it no longer has the moral proclivity to point finger at other nations. However it must also be pointed out that it the strong democratic values and freedom of speech and information has come out as winners for which America must be applauded. This report could have been easily be categorized as national shame and not made public sighting national security, but it was published. Weather those who took part in the torture and more importantly the people who actually authorized will ever face prosecution is different subject.