Prisoner Swap between Ukraine and Pro Russian Rebels

It seems this Christmas some joy has finally returned to Donetsk the erstwhile city which was under the control of Ukraine because the Ukrainian authorities and pro-Russia rebels exchanged nearly 370 prisoners on Friday, a major step toward easing hostilities in eastern Ukraine as per latest reports from Associated Press. This exchange of prisoners would bring much relief to this part of the world which many analysts believe has the potential for wider conflict in that region between Russia and US along with Western Europe who calls the takeover of Crimea by Russia as an invasion.

Ukrainian authorities handed over 222 prisoners and the rebels released 145 people, according to Russia's state RIA Novosti news agency. This is the biggest one-time prisoners swap since the pro-Russian insurgency engulfed eastern Ukraine back in April.

Since the hostilities started it has taken the lives of almost 5000 thousand people not to mention the downing of Malaysian Airline which led to the death of almost 300 people. Ukraine had always been interested in joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) since it left the old Soviet Union back in the early 1990’s. But for Russia this was completely unacceptable because if Ukraine joins NATO then America and Western Europe will right at their door step which would be inconceivable for the Russian Nationalist President Vladimir Putin