Remembering 2004 Tsunami and the Devastation it Caused

Ten years ago one of the greatest natural events took the lives of over two hundred thousand people in Asia. This event is also called the Asian Tsunami and Indian Ocean earthquake which affected countries like Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and the most affected of them all Indonesia with over 1,70,000 causality. The 2004 earthquake was the third most powerful earthquake ever recorded by seismologist measuring over 9 in the Richter scale. Lot of people may not know this but several parts of East Africa were also affected by this Tsunami.

After the aftermath of the devastating earthquake the Tsunami waves hit many places where the height of the waves was estimated to be around 80 feet. All major seismic observation labs recorded this event and the effect of the earthquake and the ensuing Tsunami are still being felt across South East Asia.

Families were wiped out from the face of the earth in a matter of minutes and the damage was in the billions which required international aid assistance and in the end 14 billion dollars in aid was given. Also after this more attention was given for early Tsunami warning system which was put in place to give warning to people in the event of another such natural calamity occurs.

The 2004 Tsunami was not just limited to the suffering of the people of South East Asia and East African coast. During the time of Christmas several people from across the world come to this region to enjoy the sun and sands and avoid the harsh winter in Europe and America, but the hardest of hit nations were from Europe like Germany and Sweden which lost several hundred of its citizens. This earthquake was a reminder of nature’s fury and how Mother Nature would never distinguish between countries, ethnicities and religion. The 2004 Tsunami was and is the deadliest natural calamity recorded in modern times.