Remembering 26/11 And Lack Of Action On The Part Of Pakistan

Exactly six years ago a dastardly plan was hatched in Pakistan in which ten heavily armed and well trained terrorists were sent into India clandestinely to carry out one of the most vicious terror attack over Indian Soil. 166 people died in this attack and the killers showed no mercy until the brave men of our special forces ended their reign of terror. In this attack not only Indians lost their lives but several foreigners were specifically targeted. However even after six years and submission of enough evidence to Pakistan the Master Mind of these attacks Particularly Hafiz Saeed move about freely within Pakistan with no fear and abject impunity. Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi is being held in prison but it is more of an academic action on the part of the Pakistanis.

The proof presented to Pakistan was not just from India but also the Americans had ample evidence of the involvement of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) which they believed provided training and financial support through retired agents and other intermediaries. Even now the threats of such attacks still loom large over India because the Pakistan Army will never take action against those networks whose sole purpose is to plan and attack Indian interests.

A short while back Al Qaeda announced it is opening a new front in India to end the suffering of Muslims in our country which we all know is nonsense. Also the funding for Indian Mujahideen is an ongoing process but so far the results have not been that fruitful and the reason for that is, almost all people in India value peace and believe in getting along with every faith. We has a nation will not be broken and it getting clear everyday that Pakistan is being isolated by its own stupidity and its policy of promoting terror is a global problem acknowledged by most nations.