Save The Arctic

Save the Arctic campaign has been initiated by Greenpeace to protect the Arctic, principally by preventing oil drilling and unsustainable industrial fishing in the area completely. It has been a movement around the globe to create awareness and gather support of the masses putting a pressure on the International organisations to take a stringent action for the benefit of the people, wildlife and the entire ecosystem.


Greenpeace began aimed to take a million signatures supporting the campaign to place on the sea bed at the North Pole in April, 2013. At 2013, the petition crossed 2.5 million signatures. The World Wide Fund for Nature is running a related campaign to protect Arctic Polar Bear habitat, in partnership with Coca Cola. Various celebrities have joined the move seeing the urgency of the situation. Around 60 celebrities have joined the move, some among them being Viviene Westwood, Naomi Campbell, Maisie Williams.


It is not just about the people residing nearby the Arctic that will be affected due to the depleting glaciers and rising temperatures. The Arctic is the hope of the globe. “What affects her community affects my community, what affects us affects them. When one nation loses the right to subsist on their foods, it affects all of us too.”


While the people- powered movement to save the Arctic won a major victory when Royal Dutch Shell halted its drilling plans-leading the Arctic Ocean off the table for the oil drilling for the next two years- the fight isn’t over yet. The Arctic is not safe from the dangers of oil drilling until a long term policy to save the precious fuels is put into action. Indeed, we don’t just need the natural fuels for a year or two, but forever. We are completely dependent on the Arctic for our fossil cover and it is excessively mined in the current period.

Not only this, statistics confirm that the ice bed of the Arctic has been shedding thrice the acceptable and normal rate, exposing the water bed and inviting global warming, bringing in a rise of temperatures. Rise of temperatures again lead to more and more shedding of ice cover and further global warming. The glaciers that were once frozen are not being exposed off. This repetitive cycle is warming our planet and we all are aware of the consequences of global warming we are experiencing today. When the ice shed, it becomes a great deal of easy job for drillers to extract fossil fuels, it might even account for a good news for them as they are earning huge profits but for the globe, this is a menace that will take over their life and make survival impossible on this very unique and gifted planet. I don’t need to explain why I used the term gifted for our lovable planet- it is pretty clear.

The extravagant wildlife living in the polar caps is dreading the effects of further depletion of their habitat. The Arctic is the home to incredible species that cannot survive in any corner of the world except their current mother land. The amazing and rare land species that call Arctic their home are Polar Bear, foxes, oxen and reindeer. Their world is depleting and will fall to pieces if no action is taken to protect their habitat.

Threat to the Arctic is undoubtedly a threat to the 4 million people living near it, who will be the worst sufferers, particularly indigenous groups. The Arctic is home to more than 40 distinct ethnic and cultural groups. Any surrounding change will bring a huge change in their heritage, language and way of life. An oil spill in the region will bring a Humanitarian crisis.


The Arctic is a beautiful creation maintaining the sanctity of our globe. It helps and supports our life in ways inexplicable. It is not just our duty, but the urgent need to protect the place from dying. Help and do your bit before it is too late. Our existence is dependent on the natural protectors, which we are ignorant about. Stop the casualness, it is time to show our alertness and strive for what is needed.

Save the Arctic- not just for the wildlife, climate or people but for the existence of the entire human race ever born and walked in this world and giving it in the safe shoulders of the future generations that will continue to call this Earth their home.