Shedding The Blood Of Innocents: Ramadan In Iraq

Celebrations of the Muslim holy month: Ramadan turned into a sight of massacre when two huge bomb explosions had killed nearly 126 Iraqis, who had gathered at the central Baghdad to eat, shop and enjoying the bliss of the festivity. This has been the third mass slaughter of innocents being carried out by the Islamic State. Among those who were burnt down to ashes, were the bodies of nearly 25 children who were accompanied by their parents to the market. Stoicism and massacres have become a common sight, a mere reason to live with a badge of pride for those who advocate such disgrace over humanity.

The insensitive attack which occurred shortly after mid-night in the middle-class neighborhood of Karrada, a busy street of coffee shops and hotels, was the most deadly attack in Baghdad this year and the first major assault in the capital since Iraqi forces had retook Fallujah from Islamic State, last month, as reported. This was something which was already being feared by the Iraqis, that the Islamic State shall strike back to give many sleepless nights to the locals after such liberation. Unfortunately, such claims now seem to be a hopeless reality which has devastated the lives of many in the capital.

The attack does not seems to have been targeted to mere one community, as believed by the Sunni extremists of IS which had almost claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying ‘ it had killed a gathering of Shia Muslims’, as Karrada is a mixed area where Iraqis of several identities gather to eat and shop. The second was when an IED went off in Baghdad’s northern Shaab area, killing 5 and wounding 16, as reported by TOI. Interestingly, the bomb was exploded just after IS had taken the responsibility for an attack on a restaurant in Bangladesh, snatching away the lives of 20, followed by the suicide attack at Istanbul’s airport that had killed nearly 40 people and now has become a ‘ghostly’ place for the foreign tourists, for which Turkish authorities had blamed the IS, even though the terrorist group itself did not claim the responsibility. A warning to the world as terrorism seems to be the new god, as blood and horror to be the only food the ignorant seems to feed upon.

The shops were still on fires, while the hospitals were full to be tended to the wounded, and mourners prepared for funerals with many bodies yet to be discovered, the city was howling with pain and anger. Out of these victims, were children- as “the explosion struck near a three-storey complex of cafes and shops where families were celebrating a successful end of the school year, as residents had reported. The place which was once a market full of happy faces and decorated in sync of the festival had soon become a land painted with blood of the blameless where humanity seem to be out of sight. “As more territory is won back, the group is reverting to its roots as a guerrilla insurgency, turning Baghdad once again into an urban killing field”.

As Iraq’s ‘beleaguered’ PM, Haider-al-Abani had visited the bombing site on Sunday, 3 July, people had welcomed him with great contempt, throwing rocks and shoes- a particular insult in Arab world, over his inconsiderable victory and yelled “thief!” a widespread unrest in the streets of Baghdad that had erupted demonstrating the swollen anger. Are such massacres a mere warning or an insight to the future enslavery of the powerless, predicting a reign of terror across the world?