Shootout in Paris 11 people Dead

According to latest reports from Agence France-Presse  11 people including 2 police officers have been killed and four people who are critically injured by gunmen who are still at large at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The men wore masks and were carrying automatics weapons. Witnesses say a number of masked gunmen were involved in the attack on the offices of the publication, which has sparked controversy previously over its portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

French President François Hollande has called this terrorist attack and France is now on high alert. But the situation is not yet clear and no one knows who was actually responsible for this attack but already fingers have been pointed towards Islamic Jihadist elements and France has a very high number of Muslims living in their country. Also many French citizens have travelled to Syria and Iraq and have joined the Islamic State. However as of now no one knows who carried out this dastardly attack. Social media especially twitter is full of firsthand account of what has taken place and also interesting comments.

The city of Paris is now a virtually a fortress as the President and interior Minister rushed to the scene as the manhunt continues. Also the terror threat has been elevated to the highest level probably for the first time and all major monuments have been sealed off.

Charlie Hebdo is weekly satirical magazine which makes fun of all religions but there office was previously attacked when they published cartoon about the Prophet Mohammad which is deeply offensive to Muslims all over the world, but the fact is they do not spare any religion or political leaders when it comes to their political satire. This can be called a 26/11 type attack but since the attackers ran away rather than stay and fight till the end does not have the hallmarks of a Jihadists attack who usually go on suicide missions. Also it seems from the look of it that this was a planned attack on a particular target and the people who carried it out know the security response.