Strengthening Ties With Neighbors At Saarc And Cold Shoulder To Pakistan

The lost 10 years of the Congress led Government had created a multitude of foreign policy problems for India, however in a brisk and ameliorate method our Littered foreign policy has caught a second wind under the new leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the last six months after taking office he has collected a lot of miles but this was not deliberate. All the meetings and forums which he attended were already planned, so if Mr Manmohan Singh or anyone else had become Prime Minister they would have also give or take collected the same number of mileage Mr. Modi has. The question which needs to be asked is what would have been the outcome of these travels under a different leader and what Modi has managed to deliver with some strong diplomatic victories.

We neglected our closest neighbors for almost ten years which has resulted in China setting up base in Sri Lanka and then its nuclear submarines were allowed into its waters. And with Nepal they have railway line connecting from Lhasa to the Nepalese border of Khasa. How we ever allowed this to happen is very disturbing and threatens our national security. But the topic of this article is the recent SARRC summit held in Katmandu in Nepal and how India dealt with Pakistan.

The accord signed between India and Nepal to start bus service again reignites old ties because many people from Nepal still work in India and let us not forget the Gorkhas who are an integral part our military. Also in this summit the cold shoulder given to Pakistan was a befitting reply not only for its inability to prosecute the 26/11 conspirators but also the tension which they created in the Border region of Kashmir with unprovoked firing at our securities forces. Also the attempt to internationalize the Kashmir Issue fell on deaf ears. Pakistan attempt to make China a member of SAARC was also successfully repulsed however the outcome was Pakistan refused to ratify several key agreements which no one liked and the most important “motor vehicle pact.”

Also even before the start of the summit there was expectation if Modi and Sharif will have little summit of their own because whenever cornered Pakistan has always managed to corner our leaders and have managed to wriggle out of a tight spot. But no such thing happened on the 6th anniversary of 26/11 terror attacks and the cold shoulder given by Modi to Sharif was totally justified. We have them cornered at SAARC and also in international level and must maintain pressure. The whole theory of Pakistan will commit suicide if cornered and isolated is bogus because they will never do such thing and the world was foolish enough to believe, especially America. Pakistan knows the mistakes it is making but is addicted to an ideology which it can’t quit. One has to feel for Nawaz Sharif when he held his hands to his face in anguish because everyone knows he is controlled by the Military.

The trouble is even if we take pity and Modi had talked to Sharif, the gains which we have made in the last six months far outweigh then an informal summit in Katmandu. If Modi would have talked to Sharif Pakistan would have found traction and things would have been back to square one. Though key pacts which were meant to be signed and would have brought more economic stability to the region was discarded by Pakistan but after pressure from other members they have now agreed to back and energy pact for SAARC nations. So this again shows the miscalculations made by Pakistan and every day they are getting isolated diplomatically and India keeps Strengthening Ties with Neighbors at SAARC.