How Terrorism Is Changing Internet Freedom

Even in ancient Rome when one man was entrusted with authority to defend the State, it was limited to the problem faced and then the powers were rescinded once the crises had ended. But in these troubled modern times things could get more complicated. The rise of the internet and then the social media has left many governments unprepared to deal with many issues. If the internet and social media has helped spread democracy and awareness with the help of Youtube videos, Facebook and tweeter, it has also helped terror organizations like ISIS to promote its way of thinking and influence young minds.

So how to counter this problem, simple with a push of a button now the public can inform their respective Internet Service Provider (ISP) of terrorism related material in the UK. An article was published in Times of India which talked about the implementation of such. It is very clear Briton is one nation which is very much susceptible to terror attack. Their nightmare or the nightmare of any western countries is an attack fashioned on the Mumbai attack of 2008. London is one of the biggest cities in the world and its police one of the finest and they are supported by the ubiquitous presence of cameras all over the city. But even after so much surveillance and many foiling terror attempts, it is impossible to strove off future terror attack

It is the prerogative of the government to protect its citizens but at what cost is the question we must all ask. The threat from terror is not going to subside any time soon and Islamic terror sadly is the biggest challenged faced by United Kingdom since it has a very large number of Muslim population living in its country. Now to equate and brand all of them as a threat would mean no different then what the Nazis did to Jews during the 1930’s. But terror could come from erstwhile groups like the right wing political parties who are also equally capable of attacking the state. The Idea proposed by the conservative government led by David Cameron is one of the most sweeping measures to counter the threat of terrorism and already many have compared it to the beginning of Orwellian era.

Already rights groups in UK have voiced their concerns and Jim Killock from Open Rights Group said "We need transparency whenever political content is blocked even when we are talking about websites that espouse extremist views.” He added "Given the low uptake of filters, it is difficult to see how effective the government's approach will be when it comes to preventing young people from seeing material they have deemed inappropriate. Anyone with an interest in extremist views can surely find ways of circumventing child friendly filters".

What is means is that the Internet is so vast preventing someone to view extremist views is simply impossible and to even think young people by taking this measure will no longer get indoctrinated is a dream. But the real fear is when such laws come into effect how long will it continue? Sooner or later this Big Brother will could be used to spy on neighbors and soon we will all end up snitching on each other. The statement made by David Cameron “we must not allow the internet to be an ungoverned space.” But the internet is the most ungovernable entity created by man. It cannot be bounded or gagged.